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From The Desk of: Mosh Bari
Dear Not-So-Successful Internet Marketer,

You work hard to make money from your sites.

We know that because we do the same

And then spend extra time and extra money to:
  • Build high quality, unique and engaging content (that usually fails drastically).
  • Drive paid or free traffic
  • Get visitor engagements, shares, clicks and sales
But It Has Never Been Easy, Has It?
Because,It's Expensive And HARD To -
  • Create engaging contents
  • Drive traffic to the content
  • Even harder to get the visitors engage with your content
  • And finally convert visitors into buyers
To SOLVE content, traffic, engagement and conversion problem...
we spied on super popular sites like
These sites use Quiz and other “Interactive Contents”
to solve all these problems…
So, we went out and built a simple wordpress plugin to help your prospects with your solutions customized to their specific situation.

Using the power of quizes and other interactive contents ...
Viral Content Creator
Wordpress Plugin That Gets Your 100% Real, Unlimited Traffic
and Capture Leads in Any Niche For Any Site You Want
Using Highly Engaging Interactive Content
Simple and Easy
Super Engaging Content
Viral Traffic
Drive REAL People to Your Sites
Make REAL Money Like the Top
The Truth is, Sending GENERIC & Broad
Marketing Messages To Your Audiences
Is So 2010 And Completely USELESS Today !
If you want the highest engagement and most importantly the highest conversions for your biz ...

Then you need behavior driven & interactive triggers on your landing pages. 

By far the easiest way to do this is via different types of quizzes and interacting contents
Check This Out...
Check out The $1M Dollar Quiz
“The “You’ve Been Framed” quiz generated over
$1 million in revenue and 
29,410 lead conversions
with a 9,655% ROI in 6 months.”
Here’s The Deal:
We All Already Know How Powerful
It Is To Engage Your Prospect To Make Sales 
And we all agree that we should make recommendations customized to the situation our prospect is in
We Now Know That Quizzes Are the Easiest Way to Achieve This and the Best Part Is They Get Shared Like Crazy (ViralTraffic)
Just Take A Look
At The Social Engagements and Shares of
Couple of Quiz and Other Interactive Contents
This simple Personality Quiz was shared
1.5M times on the social media
This Harry Potter quiz got share
 830K times on facebook
This movie fans quiz got shared 7,500+ times on social media
Cooking quiz got
shared 13,200+ times… 
And These Simple Contents Bring
Massive, Viral, Free Traffic
To Sites Like BuzzFeed, PlayBuzz, Sporcle, NameTests etc…
And this makes BuzzFeed
one of the TOP Amazon Affiliate
Sporcle makes money from Adsense and Amazon Affiliate sales
And They Work In
Have a look at the variety of niche sites getting traffic and engagements from interactive viral content (down below)
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Using Viral Content Creator is as EASY as 1-2-3…
Step 1
Select which type of content you want to make. There are 5 types to choose from
And use our vault of 100,000K+ HD, Royalty Free images to build your content.
Step 2
Build the content in a few clicks
Step 3
And See How Easy And Simple It Is To Get Started
With Extremely Engaging Viral Content
Detailed Demo Video
Watch This Complete Walkthrough Of The Plugin
A True Solution for Content, Viral Traffic, Engagement, Lead Generation and Sales for Everyone with a Website...
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About Expensive Content, Paid Traffic and Conversions
  •   No more worrying about spending hours and hours writing articles that no one reads
  •   No more worrying about making videos
  •   No more worrying about SEO or paid traffic
  •   No more spamming on facebook groups and pages for traffic
  •   No more spending time on social media
  •   No life draining tech skills to make this work for you
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9 Reasons Why Viral Content Creator
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Create content that brings viral traffic from facebook, twitter and pinterest
Visitors love to get engaged in quiz and interactive contents and they share their results in the social media. these shares bring more and more traffic virally.
Free access to 100,000+ HD
royalty free images
hD images are important for quality contents. but stock images are expensive. we solved this problem too. you can access 100,000+ hD Royalty free images from inside the plugin for your contents.
Monetize every post
you can setup unlimited clickable adsense, banner or any other ads for yourself or your clients
Create Highly Engaging Content In Just Few Clicks
it takes only a few clicks to create highly engaging and viral content using viral content creator.
Rank Higher on google
google love to rank popular sites. when visitors Engage With Your Contents and stay longer on your site and , google will consider your site as popular and will rank for high traffic keywords. 
Real people joins your list out of their own interest
you can lock quiz results for optin or social share. this way people are bound to join your list in order to see results.
Works in any niche or industry
100s of thousands of niche sites are using interactive viral contents to drive traffic, generate leads and sales. so, no matter what your niche or industry is, this will work for you.
Simple and easy
it's simple, straight forward, step by step process to create content and drive traffic using it
Promote your own offer or affiliate offer
every content you build is monetizable. you  can place your ad scripts or banner with links easily
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We're giving you a viral theme 100% free as bonus to use with the plugin. so no need to buy themes for your sites. it's free here.
Our 100% Money Back Guarantee!
If you have any trouble using the Viral Content Creator plugin and we fail to help you resolve the issue when you contact us about it, we’ll give you 100% of your money back if you ask within 30 days of your purchase. 

We don’t offer a no questions asked refund so please provide a genuine reason and show us proof that you did everything we told you to do before asking for a refund. Refunds are for technical issues only and only given if we are unable to solve the problem that you reported. Other than that all sales are considered Final.

We do not guarantee that you will get hundreds or thousands of visitors by simply installing our software. Please read the sales page carefully before making a purchase, results vary for various niches and depend on various factors so they cannot be guaranteed to be the same as ours on this page. Refund processing can take up to 10 days and filing a dispute without contacting us first will make this guarantee null and void.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
How many sites can I build content on and drive traffic to with this plugin?
If you pick up the unlimited sites license, you can install this plugin on unlimited sites that you own. This is a personal license and only applies to you. If you want to install this plugin on client sites you should also get the developers license that will be offered as an upgrade after you pick this up.
How much traffic can I expect to my sites?
The amount of traffic you can get depends on the quality of your content and niche and how much consistently you are posting . More contents and more posts means more traffic but it all depends on the niche you are in and traffic varies for each niche. Going after something exciting where the audience is more passionate about will always get you better results. We’ve provided a lot of examples of contents on different niches. Those can give you idea.
Will I get traffic and make money overnight?
Yes to traffic and money. But probably not overnight. The more you continue working on posting interesting and interactive content, traffic, popularity, virality and your revenue will grow. So, why waiting? Start now
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